Life coach Counselor

Hello there,

Are you happy in your life ? or are you still searching life?

I have been helping many people in past to face thier fears. Healped them to find life where they lost. Helped them with thier new begining to see the world with more confidance , love and care. 

Areas I can help you with ;

* Burn out


*Phycical Energy blockages

*Lost of a loved ones

*Mental illnesses

*Teenges issues

*Relatuionship Issues

*Sleeping problems



Minimum  3 sessions requierd

* Sessions will be in English language

*If I couldn"d make a diffrence in you life from the first session money will be refunded.

* prijs 99Euro per session

* Access Bares - Head massage

Prijs : 60 euro for half hour

           110 Euro per hour

* Waiting time is approximetly 3 weeks

So if you are still reading ask your self a questioon, Am I ready to fix me? If yur answer is yes, you know where to find me. 

Stay blessed !!

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